Hannahbull Hydro Excavations is a specialised service combined as a method of earthmoving or digging; while the use of high-pressure water ultimately breaks up and cuts into the earth, a high-flow vacuum system systematically extracts the earth up and out of the excavation area.

Hannahbull Hydro Excavations eliminates the risk and safety concerns that are often associated with the earthmoving and underground servicing industries.  

"Hydro Excavation is a safe, non-evasive, accurate and cost effective way of locating underground services." 

Traditional forms of mechanical excavation hold a big risk of damaging underground services due to operation error, mis-marked or unmarked underground services or the unknown presence of underground lines or multiple lines.  Using a Hydro Vacuum will eliminate the dangers and damages associated with general excavation, and will o so in a timely manner.