Hydro Vacuum Excavation and Vacuum Waste (Spoil) Removal

What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation?

Hydro Vacuum Excavation is the non-destructive method of utilising high pressure water jets and air pressure to remove compacted soil at a controlled rate and safe spoil removal to an adjacent waste removal tanker. Due to the precise nature of Hydro Excavation, soil and spoil (slurry) is removed with extreme accuracy leaving the surrounding area untouched and exposed for the next stage of work or construction.

Why Use Hydro Vacuum Excavation on your next project?

Hydro Vacuum Excavation is now considered the preferred method of ‘precision’ excavation/digging in Europe and the United States in many industrial and commercial sectors. Although rapidly gaining support in Australia, the Queensland Government is the first state to make it compulsory to engage Hydro & Vacuum Excavation companies to expose live utility and telecommunication lines.

Since introducing hydro excavation, it’s become the fastest growing excavation   services industry in Australia.  Is it any wonder why Hannahbull introduced the new wing of Hydro Excavation Services; the ability to safely dig in sensitive areas where traditional excavation machinery could cause major damage.

If you have never used Hydro Excavation before and want to learn more, contact Hannahbull Hydro Excavation today or look under our "Underground Locations" or "What is Hydro Excavations" or the "Benefits of Hydro Excavtion" to find out more!